How To Get

You can come to Burgundy by 4 ways:

  • Car;

  • Express train TGV;

  • Regional train TER;

  • Bus;


About 340 km, Paris - Dijon.

An approximate toll road, Paris - Dijon: 20€

You may rent a car from Paris and take de road A6 towards Lyon.
It takes approximately 3 to 5 hours, depending on the traffic from Paris.
On the way out of Paris, you go through a tollbooth, you take the ticket and you will pay it when you enter Dijon or Beaune or another city you will go. The total value is calculated by the distance you drove.


Express Train TGV:

Approximately 2 hours from Paris to Dijon and 2h30m from Paris to Beaune.
As this train is express it's more expensive and must be booked in advance to have a better rate and have availability.
Be aware to choose the TGV train and check if you need to make a connection at some station. In case of connection, you are the one who must remove the suitcases and put them on the next train. And don't forget to tag your bags ;-)
Click here for train tickets.

Regional Train TER:

Approximately 3 hours from Paris to Dijon and 3h30 from Paris to Beaune.
This is the regional train, slower and cheaper. The price difference can be huge. It worths researching.
The advantage is that it isn't necessary to make any connections if the final destination is Beaune.
When buying the ticket make sure it is written TER.
Click here for trains tickets.


Approximately 5 hours from Paris to Dijon with a stop of 30 minutes on the road.
For those who want to save money and spend it on wines, the bus is a good choice.
Rates that can go from 15 euros round trip, up to 25 euros round trip.
Click on the Flixbus website and the Ouibus website for more details.