Do you export, ship wines?
No, I do not ship or export wines. But I can recommend stores of wine importers in your country that I know and trust.
I only send wines if you are on the European continent through my Wine Shopping service.

Can I bring cheese back home?

It depends on the law of your country. I suggest you check the website of your customs country.

If you can bring, here some tips:

when buying the cheese check the expiration date;
vacuum packing - extremely important to avoid strong smell;
and keep the cheese refrigerated as long as you can.

Can wines and cheeses be carried in hand luggage in the cabin?
International airline trips: they cannot, they must be checked in the suitcase. Mandatorily.

Do you take responsibility for wine packaging?
The responsibility for packaging and transportation it only for the customer.
If the wine is purchased through my Wine Shopping service, where I buy the wines at the store and the store packs and delivers to your hotel in Europe, the responsibility is with the store that packed it or with the shipping company that made the delivery. If there is a claim, let me know immediately so that I can contact the store and they will do the proper investigation.

Is Burgundy far from Paris?
The city of Dijon is approximately 320 km from Paris, about 3 hours of traveling - without traffic - and Beaune is approximately 360 km away from Paris, about 3h40m - without traffic.

Which are the closest airports from Burgundy?
Lyon International Airport, Paris Airports and Geneva International Airport in Switzerland.

Can I drink and drive in Burgundy?
The limit is one glass of alcoholic beverages: 0.5 g / L in the blood, which is equivalent to 0.25 mg of alcohol per liter of breath expired in the breathalyzer.

Are there subways in Burgundy?
There are no subways in Burgundy, so I recommend that you rent a car to be able to get around between and in the cities and in the vineyards if you stay more than one day. Public transports in Burgundy are not effective.

Are the Wine Lovers tours in the Promotion 8 or 4 hours?
All Wine Lovers Promotion tours are of 8 hours tour with 2 tastings and  plus the other promotion tour.

Do children pay for tours?
Children under 12 are free. From 13 to 17 pay half price. Above 18 years the value is normal.

Can I pay a reservation in advance?
It can and it is done only by wire transfer.