Personal Wine Shopper - Europe

Would you like someone buys wines for you with your budget and looks for the best quality?

Send me an email with the bottle quantities, budget, WhatsApp number, address in USA (broker company required) or Europe and I'll make the selection and send it to you for approval. You pay for the wines directly to the store and they ship my selection to your hotel or home.

Cost for the Wine Shopping Consulting : 75 euros

Payment: Wire Transfer

Invoice will be send by email

Personal Wine Shopper - Burgundy

Personal Wine Shopper during your visit in Burgundy.

Cost: 75 euros for 1 up to 3 hours inside the store

Payment: Cash or credit card


Whatsapp: +33 7 70 01 63 42


Instagram: @vempraborgonha

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Beaune  - Burgundy - France

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